Grace in the Wilderness

This is what the Lord says: “The people who survived the sword found favor in the wilderness when Israel went to find rest”. Jeremiah 31:2 (BSB)

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I know when reading this title you may be thinking the same thing as I did when I wrote this down a few months ago-“What a paradox”. I thought that too but even more recently, I have come to appreciate the grace of God in the midst of the wilderness. The wilderness can represent many facets in our life. It can be a place where we are being pressed, a season of trauma healing, a period of wrestling, a moment of loneliness, a time of pruning or a walk in uncertainty-all of which we usually do not want to experience but are essential for our growth.

And if we think about the wilderness season as a time of deep introspection and dwelling in God’s presence, even in isolation, we can see the hand of God in our life. And although in the moment, we may feel like we are the only ones who had to journey through the desert place, we are not. If we look back on the life of Moses and Abraham, the people of Israel, John the Baptist and even Jesus Himself, they all had to endure that time in their life to propel them into their next phase. The same goes for both me and you.

I believe we are all in this place in some way shape or form, and we all need to seek the Holy face of God as we make our way through our process. Our life is a continuous journey that ebbs and flows, that is high and low, that is up and down and that is vibrant and dull. If you are in what you anticipate as the low in your life or a walk in the wilderness, thank God for His grace in the wilderness. God will give us what we need- even what we think we do not want in order to uproot us out of the limitations in our mind. Be patient in your wilderness, have faith in God in your journey, listen intently when He speaks and do not be afraid to go the distance in your desert like experience. This too shall pass and God is molding you to be built to last.

Stay Encouraged.

Seek Him. Obey the Call. Complete Your Assignment

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