Yeshua said, “I AM the Way — and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through me”. John 14:6 (CJB)

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Everyday this week, a song with the title of todays devotional has been the first thing on my mind and within my spirit each morning when I awake. And today, which is a day that we reflect on the tumultuous journey Jesus had to walk through to complete His assignment, the word “Yeshua” just kept penetrating. So like anyone else, I went online to research the meaning of the word which brought me right back to Jesus’ mission and meaning.

One of the meanings of “Yeshua” is “The Lord is Salvation”. No wonder the Holy Spirit kept bringing this to my forefront day after day. And if He is the way and the Truth and the Life, then it makes sense then why He is considered “the Savior”, not one of but the only. Every time this year, I am humbled more and more when I think about what it took to physically walk through the pain of being rejected, tormented, accused, oppressed, hated, betrayed and abandoned by the very people that He came to save and the very people that He died for in a very painful and horrific way.

But He did and oh how fortunate we are to have someone to stand in for us and die for us because of our sins and wicked ways. So today, as you enter into a holy weekend, remember the sacrifice and the obedience Jesus demonstrated for us, not Him. Think about how much love and selflessness that would take and how much He-Jesus had to humble himself for us. It says something about the character of Jesus the Christ. And remember today, if He did not obey His own call, we would not have eternal life.

Stay Encouraged.

Seek Him. Obey the Call. Complete Your Assignment.

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