Prioritize Patience

By your patience possess your souls (Luke 21:19) NKJV

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I was never one who particularly enjoyed patience. I guess that is the “go-go-go” nature within me. It was not until I was really forced to become patient a few years back after a health setback that I realized what you learn about yourself during the “long suffering” process. As I read Luke 21 this morning, and pondered on the disciples and Jesus’ interaction related to the sign of the times, this Bible verse positioned me right back to patience and I became enthralled about its priority in this season.

I know you may be experiencing some type of discomfort, a period of shaking, an uncertainty of what is next and even perhaps persecution by others. And these are all things that we must understand have to happen for what is to be revealed. Jesus provides information for His disciples during those times and since His Word is living, He is also giving us clues and comforts of what to expect.

Our soul; that piece of us that can either be run by the world (our flesh) or ruled by our spirit (connecting us to the leading of the Holy Spirit) is constantly being tested. Of course no one likes to experience of trials, afflictions, temptations, and storms, but during these times, we end up truly seeing who we rely on. I remember having a conversation with someone about not “fitting in” and I reminded the both of us that we can never truly fit into the world’s standards, if we are led by the Holy Spirit.

Possessing something means to have complete ownership of it. And if you just look around your current environment, on social media, on the television, you can see what this world is truly becoming-aggressively. Nothing makes sense these days, people are losing love and empathy and the world is becoming more manipulated by evil and greed. I had to ask myself a hard question as I thought about the tug of war on the soul. I asked, “what is all this world worth, for me to lose my soul to accomplish some man-made goal?” or to “live in alignment and one day in eternity with the One who sits on the throne?”

As you move through your week, I challenge you to read Luke 21. Identify outside influences that may be trying to steer you off guard and ask God to help you resist what He has not intended for you and consult the Holy Spirit for proper direction that must start within.

Stay encouraged and vigilent.

Seek Him. Obey the Call. Complete Your Assignment.

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