Level Up

“So, Jeremiah, if you’re worn out in this footrace with men, what makes you think you can race against horses? And if you can’t keep your wits during times of calm, what’s going to happen when troubles break loose like the Jordan in flood?Jeremiah 12:5 MSG

Photo by Martin Damboldt on Pexels.com

Have you ever complained to God about some difficulty, trial, or storm that you were dealing with and the response you received was to stay in it to win it? I am raising my hand right now as I typed this. I think this is why I can relate to this chapter in Jeremiah. Jeremiah was going through it and in the early verses of this chapter was complaining to God about the state of affairs. He was tired of the wickedness and those who were not of God prospering during his time. Sound familiar?

But there was something that stirred in my spirit when I reached down to this selection verse above. It made me think of the coming time when “the last will be first and the first will be last” (Matthew 20:16). And I sense we are getting very close to this revelation, but it takes preparation. One just doesn’t metaphorically race with horses. The fastest horse reported to date can run 55mph compared to the fastest human reported at 8 mph.

Remember, God knew what Jeremiah was capable of and why he placed him in that time and season. This is the same with us. We may be weary as we contend with men, but we are being built from the inside out when the spiritual chariots of horses come. We cannot jump to the end of our race, we have to go through it. We may fall, acquire callouses, and become discouraged, but in these times, allow God to grow you in your spirit. Things are breaking loose all around, and we need to be ready to occupy the areas that are becoming available.

Trust God in this season. He is the only one that possesses all revelation and spiritual reasoning. If weariness tries to overtake you as you interact with others this week, call on the name of Jesus, seek direction from the Holy Spirit, and walk in that way. We have to learn to crawl before we walk, walk before we run and run before we race. The beauty is that we are not alone. We are surrounded by others rooting for us, interceding on behalf of us and running with us.

Stay Encouraged. Seek Him. Obey the Call. Complete Your Assignment.

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