The Heart Guard

Guard your heart with all diligence, for from it flow springs of life. (Proverbs 4:23) BSB

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Not too long ago, I could feel my heart becoming more hardened by the injustice that is continually increasing. I am sure you can relate to seeing and almost feeling like the enemy is gaining ground. But then I felt the push to spend more time in worship, knowing that I just needed to redirect my focus on who matters most. I was thankful for the conviction to do so and to just forgive those who are obilivous to their aggregious actions.

I had to shift my attention to who God represents and think on His love. As I began to worship, my spirit was not connected to His presence and then I began to tune myself to His frequency which filled me with so much love and joy all I could do was continue to praise Him. I mentioned in previous devotionals that I was led to re-read Proverbs and now I know why.

God always knows what we need to draw us back to Him and since His love is so welcoming, all I needed was to reflect back on his goodness and not be overcome by the filth of this worlds corruption. Today and everyday, we desperately need to be intentional about protecting our heart and that first begins with acknowledging who we have let in it. Even the most subtle comment or blatant act can distract us. If we are not careful in examining what is within us, we may be consumed by the evil around us.

God was reminding me again to be alert in this season, to stay focused on His presence, to be diligent about my thoughts and actions, to remain upright, to not lose sight and to allow His love to flow out like a spring as a representative of His light.

Stay Encouraged. Seek Him. Obey the Call. Complete Your Assignment.

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