Inner Sanctuary

And they are to make a sanctuary for Me, so that I may dwell among them. You must make the tabernacle and design all its furnishings according to the pattern I show you. Exodus 25:8-9 (BSB)

At the start of this year and to be quite honest, the end of last year, I started to think of a few words that would help me categorize what would represent 2023; a year I sense is even more profound than the ones previously. I settled on healing, intention, and transition. As the holidays passed and the birth of a new year encroached the horizon of time, I felt a bit lost, out of my element, like a baby deer trying to find her way out of a wilderness.

I searched and searched for God, tried to hear Him, see Him, and touch Him, recognizing that it was me all along pushing back on my ability to draw closer to Him due to my failed attempts at controlling things outside of my control. I began to ask Him why and He showed me the areas in my heart, wounded by life, time, self, and others that had never properly healed, filled with a temporary layer, like a cut with just a band-aid. So, I began a new journey, and set out to be more intentional on healing.

As I sat with God this morning, I began to ask Him to show me more about me that He has made that I forgot was there, and in my reading this morning, He pointed me back to these bible verses, which ironically, reminded me of a devotional that I wrote around this time last year entitled According to His Pattern. God directed me right back to the importance of my inner sanctuary, that needs to be emptied of placeholders, so that He can truly dwell within. This is the only way for true healing to begin and in my transition, I am reminded daily that I can only truly trust in Him.

As I journeyed down to the end of verse nine, I read His command to Moses. He made it clear that He would show Him exactly how He wanted things designed, and if He did it for Moses and the Israelites, then He will do the same for you and me, in His time.

Stay Encouraged.

Seek Him. Obey the Call. Complete Your Assignment.

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Author, Blogger, Veterinarian, Professor, & Mentor seeking HIM, obeying the call and completing my assignment

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